Can Businesses Still Get Registered for IOSS After 1 July?

Yes, businesses can still get registered for IOSS after 1 July. Considering that the date was not a deadline but when the system went live, businesses are still eligible to register for IOSS under the scheme that best suits them. Check out below the rules to get your business in line with the new VAT rules in the European Union.

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The new rules apply for businesses selling goods and/or services to final consumers in the European Union. The procedures for Non-EU and EU businesses respectively follow below:

Non-Union Businesses Registration

  • Company Name;
  • Trading Name;
  • Address;
  • Website URL;
  • Contacts;
  • National Tax Reference Number;
  • Bank Details;
  • Prove that the same business is not registered in any other Member State.

Suppliers eligible to register for this scheme, i.e. those that are not established in the European Union, can choose to register in any Member State.

Union Businesses Registration

  • Revenue Website (Local Tax Authority);
  • Register for the IOSS in the Member State where your business is established;
  • In case a company has more than one establishment based in different Member States, it’s possible to choose one for the IOSS registration.

EU established businesses can use the Union scheme to declare VAT on cross-border B2C supplies of services in the European Union and intra-Community distance sales of goods.

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