Get Ready for ICS2

15 March 2021 dated the first Release Date of the implementation of the new UCC – Union Customs Code, related to the entry of goods in the European Union, also known as ICS2. All EU-member countries customs authorities will be following the new Import Control System guidelines, which aims at anticipating relevant import information before goods arrive at the European customs borders.

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ICS2 is the new European Import Control System aligned with the UCC – ​Union Customs Code programme that will replace the current ICS. The system focuses exclusively on ensuring stricter pre-arrival security and safety measures for the protection of people and local businesses against external threats.

The Main Benefits of ICS2:

  • More safety and protection to the EU market and citizens;
  • Better statistical control and measurement of goods entering the EU;
  • Early identification of foreign risks;
  • More compliance with the EU-member countries’ lists of prohibited items;
  • Exclusion of unnecessary supply chain operations.

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Next Release Dates

The next release dates are of utmost importance for Economic Operators once they require compliance according to the type of services provided. Non-conformity in following the new measures will impact directly on the progress of consignments into the EU. Low-quality forms will also be rejected by local customs authorities.

Who Will Need to Provide Data to ICS2?

Economic Operators (EOs) who are involved in:

  • Transportation of cargo;
  • Express operators;
  • Postal activities operators;
  • Shipping.

These EOs will have to provide data to ICS2 after their respective transition period deadlines.

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