Get to Know Our Restricted and Prohibited Items Engine

If you have ever tried to import goods but they got stuck in customs due to import prohibitions then this post is for you. Today’s post is all about our Restricted and Prohibited items engine, which aims at screening countries’ product restriction lists, helping avoid unpleasant surprises when importing goods.

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What Criteria by Which Lists are Created?

National authorities impose barriers to the entry of certain products through Customs Acts, where they publish lists of goods that are restricted or prohibited from being imported into the country. Lists can vary from nation to nation according to culture, principles, religion, etc. From time to time, countries may delete any goods from or add any goods to the Restricted and Prohibited products list. It’s important to be aware of what those items are so as not to have problems when importing or exporting goods.

Our system excels at providing the best solution for businesses once both Restricted and Prohibited lists are constantly being updated in order to comply with countries’ import regulations. In our system, goods can be screened either by HS Codes or product description. It makes the screening process completely reliable and can be a game changer for supply chain decision makers. The engine can also recommend appropriate documentation in case of product restrictions. 

The advantages of MDC’s Restricted and Prohibited goods engine:

– Fast and reliable product screening;
– Import restriction documentation analysis;
– Risk exposure assessment;

Easily integratable to third-party systems, the Restricted and Prohibited items engine is ideal for businesses that need to handle large parcels volume and be fully compliant with countries’ import regulations. If you are interested in our solution, subscribe to our blog and visit our ​website​ and ​LinkedIn​ page for more updates. You can also reach us out by sending a message to ​​. We will be happy to hear from you.

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